What is K-Pay

K-Pay is KiKUU's online payment wallet and the most convenient payment method due to its easy process and little waiting time. The money in K-Pay can only be used after activating K-Pay.

K-Pay only valid on the following countries: Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana.


How to activate K-Pay

  • Make sure that you are signed in KiKUU APP. Click K-pay in My KiKUU, then click Activate my K-PAY.

    What is K-Pay What is K-Pay
  • Click GOT IT in K-PAY. Verify your K-Pay account with your Phone number or Email.

    What is K-Pay What is K-Pay
  • After the verification, set your K-Pay password to complete the activation.

    What is K-Pay

How to TOP UP K-Pay

Tap K-Pay in My KiKUU, then tap Top Up.

What is K-Pay What is K-Pay

How to purchase with K-Pay

After activating K-Pay, top it up, then you can use the money in K-Pay to order.

  • Select the product you want to order in the cart and tap CHECKOUT.
    Fill in the shipping address and then tap CONFIRM ORDER.

    What is K-Pay What is K-Pay
  • The default payment method is K-Pay, tap PAY.
    Enter the PIN code to complete the payment.

    What is K-Pay What is K-Pay

How to check the Transaction History

You can tap Transaction History to see the transaction details.

What is K-Pay