How to place an order

  • First, make sure that you are logged in.

  • Second, view the item you like. If you want to place an order, tap “BUY NOW” to start the ordering process. Select the product details (basically color & size) and quantity. Then tap CONFIRM.

  • After adding the item to the cart you will be notified. You can also view other items or continue viewing the cart page.

  • Select the item you want to purchase in the cart page, then tap CHECKOUT to place the order. Don’t forget to confirm the shipping address and contact information.

  • After tapping CONFIRM ORDER, Select the Payment Method you prefer. Different Countries have different payment methods.

  • When you see this page, it means that the order has been successfully paid! We will notify the seller to ship your order.

  • Orders will be cancelled in 9 days if not paid after confirmation.